Graduation Cap MATT - blue - CUSTOM MADE

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High quality graduation cap in matte design.

Various colors we sew to order.

We will also embroider a logo for an additional fee.

You can match the color of the tassel with the color of the cap, or create a contrasting variant. It's up to you which combination you choose!

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  • 2025
  • 2024
  • no year charm

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Graduation Cap MATT - blue - CUSTOM MADE

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Weight (g)109
SupplierNina Svitlíková


Graduation cap matt - perfect gift for both men and women for the occasion of completing the studies!30 day money back guarantee

Graduation caps are most often associated with the termination of high school and univerities but we can find it elsewhere too. It is a worldwide symbol of completing education, whether it is a high school, university or perhaps a nursery, university of the third age, trainee program in the company, summer university, language school or corporate training program. This student tradition enjoys great popularity in the world and in recent years also among students in Czech and Slovak republic. So if you are not looking only for a cheap and unsightly imitation of graduation cap but for quality and luxury graduation caps, as you can see during graduations in American films and serials, then we believe

that we will meet your wishes.

Our Graduation Caps of MATT series

Our graduation caps are made of the same material as the graduation gown.

seznam_ok.pngMatt fabric
seznam_ok.pngMade of the same fabric as the festive gown
seznam_ok.pngSuitable for repeated use

Each cap consists of three traditional parts:

  • square cap,
  • colored tassel,
  • metal charm, which indicates the year in which the student completes the studies. The charm is delivered in a festive gold color.


The size is universal, one cap for both men and women. The cap is fitted with a rubber band on the back side, and therefore it fits on both the larger and smaller heads.

Even an elastic band can reach its limits, and so we included in our offer two new categories which you can also find in our eshop:

  • Children's size - it is designed for preschool children.
  • XL size (STANDARD series only) - the circuit is extended by 3 cm compared to the Graduation Cap STANDARD. It is designed for those of you who know that you always choose caps among the largest sizes.

Type of caps
Surface finishRecommended for head circumferenceThe color of the cap
STANDARD CHILDREN'S SIZEglossy44 - 50 cmblack
MATT CHILDREN'S SIZEmatt44 - 50 cmblack, red, blue
STANDARDglossy51 - 57 cmblack, red, blue
MATTmatt51 - 57 cmblack, red, blue
STANDARD XLglossy55 - 61 cmblack

Color of the tassel:

Although in the world the color of tassels usually express the field of study, this division is bound to a given region or country. Therefore, we recommend to choose according to her dress or his favorite color eventually school colors. Red tassels can also emphasize the significance of red diploma.

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Our tip!

Check out our partner site, where you can find an article (czech and slovak language only):
Střapec promoční čepice – jaký má význam a jak vybrat barvu?

How to make the gift even better?

If you want, we offer you several options to even more enhance your gift.

Popisovač Výšivka na promoční čepici Iron-on inscription Dárkové balení

Personalization of Graduation Cap - be creative!

Marker for Graduation Cap - quality marker from the Czech brand Centropen. You can write on the cap a congratulations, dedication or any other message. Also signatures of all those present at the graduation ceremony can have it's charm. There are simply no limits in creativity.

Embroidery on the Cap - We will embroider for you on the cap for example name of the recipient including a new title, name of the school or whatever you wish. We are limited just by space!

Iron-on inscription - Using a golden glittering ironing foil, you can make your own inscription on your graduation cap. You can also choose from our prepared suggestions of the text.

Let us gift wrap the Cap!

Gift Wrapping for Graduation Cap - we wrap the graduation cap in a white tissue paper and custom-made elegant box with silver inscription "Gratulujeme". The box is complemented by a white semi-transparent fabric ribbon.

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Our tip!

More information about Graduation Caps are available in our article, which is dedicated to the tradition of graduation caps.



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