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Graduation caps & gowns

Leave it to us!

We will provide you with a complete service of graduation caps and gowns for the graduation of your school or kindergarten and you will have time to enjoy everything. You book in advance the date for which you want to rent the graduation clothes, and we will take care of the rest - storage, cleaning, ironing and repairs.

We believe that you should enjoy the graduation above all, and not stress about the deadline for returning the rented goods. That's why we don't set a price for each rental day, but the price is set uniformly for the rental as such, up to a period of 7 days! You will have plenty of time left for photos after graduation and, in the case of schools, to address students , who in their euphoria accidentally take the gown and cap home.

What can be rented?

In our rental, you can find student gowns and caps not only for adults but also for children's graduations in kindergartens.

Our MATT series student caps and U1 student gowns in the traditional black colour are at your disposal, which are made of the same fabric, so your graduation outfit will match perfectly.

The gown is complemented by a colored stole, which is included in the price. The stole has a specific "V" shape, which ensures that it do not fall down during festive moments. We offer the gown in 4 sizes. If you don't know the composition of the graduates in advance, it doesn't matter. We will be happy to recommend you how other schools proceed in such situation.

The student caps are complemented by a colored tassel with a metal pendant of the current year in gold colour. The caps have an elastic band on the back, which makes them universal in size.

In our offer, you will find a wide range of colours of tassels and stoles, so that you can coordinate the colours with the colour of your school, kindergarten or faculty. Because we know that you often want to choose the same colour for the tassel and the stole, and the monitor screen can distort the colours, we decided to provide each colour with a numerical and verbal indication of the colour shade, so that you can always be sure that the colour of the tassel will match the colour of the stole. But don't be afraid to experiment. There are countless colour combinations!


We specialize in the sale and rental of student caps and gowns in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to this, you can freely combine sales with rental, depending on how it suits you!
Whether you have a limiting budget, storage space or you want to leave the service of graduation clothes to us, we believe that we can offer you a combination that will suit you.

How to order a rental?

As easy as shopping!

In our e-shop, you put caps and gowns into the cart, fill in the reservation dates and place the order. We will check the order and if we have enough pieces available for demanded date, we will confirm it to you immediately. We'll take care of the rest. We carefully clean, iron and fold the gowns and caps and send them well in advance so that you can use them fully for the entire booked period. After graduation, you return the rented goods back in the same boxes and send them to our address by any carrier you like to work with. We will take care of the cleaning and ironing again.

In the most exposed dates (from 15.5 to 30.6) we recommend making a reservation well in advance. Do not be afraid to contact us regarding the availability of goods in selected combinations. We will be happy to help you with the choice of colours and sizes of gowns and we will try to answer all your questions.

Refundable Security Deposit

In the case of a rental, we always require payment of a refundable deposit (security) in advance as a guarantee that the goods will be returned to us in good condition. As soon as you return the rented goods, we will return the deposit without undue delay in the same way as it was paid. If the deposit was paid by cash on delivery, it will be returned to your bank account. The refundable deposit also covers any permanent damage to the graduation caps and gowns (tear, non-washable staining and other mechanical damage of a permanent nature). Detailed information can be found in terms and conditions.

The amount of the refundable deposit depends on the number of gowns and caps rented. After placing the goods into the cart, the deposit will be automatically calculated and added to the cart so that you can pay it together with the goods.

Delivery and return

Do you think you won't go to Prague for a few caps?

We understand this, which is why we decided to run a rental through our e-shop as well as a sale. You order from the comfort of your home or office, we will pack everything carefully and the carrier will deliver the rented goods to your address. Gowns and caps are made of non-wrinkle material, which enables transport in a folded state. After graduation, you return the rented goods back in the same boxes and send them to our address by any carrier you like to work with. In the case of larger orders, we use solid cardboard boxes made of 5-layer cardboard for shipping, so that you can use them for sending back even if the carriers are insensitive. We like to cooperate with Zásilkovna, which has a limit of 10 kg per package. Therefore, in the case of larger orders, we always divide the goods into several boxes. The costs of returning the rented goods are not included in the price for transport and the price of the goods and are paid by the lessee.

Regardless of whether you want to rent one graduation cap for a photo or a hundred gowns and caps for the graduation of your school, kindergarten or group of classmates, we can fulfil your request.

Our delivery within Prague

"Přivezeme & Odvezeme"

Under this name, you will find a service in our offer that we personally deliver the rented goods to you at the agreed date and time and then take it away again. The service can be realized at any Prague address.

This service was created on the initiative of our regular clients and we cannot praise it enough. We will be happy to meet you and take care of the complete services of delivery of graduation clothes for your graduation and you will enjoy your graduation stress-free!

Zásilkovna return label

After placing the goods for rent into the cart, you will be able to purchase the additional service of the Zásilkovna return label in the first step of the cart. In this case, we will include a prepaid return label with a barcode on a self-adhesive label to the package. Sending the goods back will become really easy and cheap. Stick the attached label on the cardboard box and hand the package over to any branch of Zásilkovna.

You will not have to pay or fill in any forms - everything is already arranged.

Do we rent and sell to Slovakia? Yes!

We are very pleased with the interest from Slovakia and we would like to assure you that we sell and rent our goods throughout Slovakia. You will be surprised how quickly we can deliver the goods!
If you are a VAT payer, after entering a valid VAT number in the cart, VAT will be automatically deducted so that you can immediately pay for your purchase in the correct amount using the online payment method.

You can find more detailed information in the article
"Delivery to Slovakia".

Give students a souvenir

Did you know that students all over the world traditionally like to keep their graduation cap or its tassel as a souvenir?

Although we do not sell individual tassels in our standard offer, we have clients who regularly rent graduation caps from us and buy the tassels, which students can keep as souvenirs afterwards.

A beautiful tradition in which we were happy to support them!

Do you have a special wish?

Our clients often inspire us with their questions, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a special request.

Our e-shop dedicated to schools, kindergartens and collectives

We have prepared the e-shop especially for schools, kindergartens and collectives. Here you will find not only a complete offer of our products intended for you, but also information and specific services such as "Přivezeme & Odvezeme" transport.

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Reviews - our satisfied customers

We really appreciate that you find a moment in today's "fast world" and write us how satisfied you were with us. Every positive reference fills us with new energy and often inspires us to further expand the business. We have selected some of the many positive references we have received from you to share with you the experiences of those who have already bought from us. All these reviews are from real customers. For more information about how we get reviews, see Terms and Conditions.

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Palec hore

Palec hore

Anna L., 24/03/24, Promoční čepice MATT - PRONÁJEM 7 dní

Maximálna spokojnosť

Maximálna spokojnosť

Jana F., 19/07/23, DĚTSKÁ studentská čepice MATT - PRONÁJEM 7 dní

Všetko bez problémov - odporúčam.

Všetko bolo rýchle, jasné a čiapky krásne. Veľká vďaka.

Aneta Č., 13/07/22, Promoční čepice MATT - PRONÁJEM 7 dní


děkuji firmě za expres dodání na druhý den

Kateřina B., 28/06/22, Promoční čepice MATT - PRONÁJEM 7 dní

Zodpovedá ponuke. Boli sme s

Zodpovedá ponuke. Boli sme s prenájmom spokojní.

Petra P., 08/06/22, Promoční čepice MATT - PRONÁJEM 7 dní

Detské talare a čiapky sú

Detské talare a čiapky sú úžasne. Komunikácia v prípade potreby,bola rovnako úžasná. Ďakujeme

Radka G., 12/05/22, DETSKÁ študentská čiapka MATT - čierna

Rýchle dodanie, bezproblémová komunikácia, príjemný

Rýchle dodanie, bezproblémová komunikácia, príjemný materiál

Klaudia T., 27/04/22, Promoční talár - U1 - PRONÁJEM 7 dní

Skvělá rychlá služba a moc

Skvělá rychlá služba a moc ochotná paní,

Renáta P., 16/11/21, Promoční talár - U1 - PRONÁJEM 7 dní

110 %

Perfektní, profesionální a bleskově poskytnuté služby. V úterý večer objednáno (půjčení talárů a promočních čepic), ve čtvrtek dopoledne (!) doručeno. Skvělá komunikace a vstřícný přístup, bleskové vrácení kauce po zaslání talárů zpět. Taláry byly moc hezké, nebyly (navzdory přepravě) ani pokrčené, bylo možno zvolit si ze široké nabídky barev šál a střapců na čepicích. Dokonce i vedení fakulty mi sdělilo, že jsou taláry hezčí než naše univerzitní, které jinak mimo COVID máme :). Doporučuji všemi dvaceti a děkuji :).

Karolína F., 26/10/21, Promoční talár - U1 - PRONÁJEM 7 dní

rýchle doručovanie, krásna čiapka, spokojná

rýchle doručovanie, krásna čiapka, spokojná zákazníčka, skvelá komunikácia, maximálne odporúčam

Tímea V., 14/10/21, Promoční čepice MATT - černá

Spokojenost nadevše!

Zapůjčené taláry přišly včas, krásně zabalené, úhledně složené a čisté. S kamarádkami jsme si taláry půjčovaly na promoce a máme díky nim opravdu krásný zážitek. Ve škole při focení, se na nás chodili podívat i úplně cizí lidé! "Všema deseti" doporučuji firmu NAPROMOCI, komunikace i objednávka a následné vrácení talárů proběhlo bez jakýchkoliv komplikací! Moc Vám děkujeme.❤

Petra.O, 14/10/21, Promoční čepice MATT - PRONÁJEM 7 dní

Extrémne rýchle doručenie! V stredu

Extrémne rýchle doručenie! V stredu večer objednaná, vo štvrtok ráno doručená na východ SR

Diana R., 14/10/21, Promoční čepice MATT - černá

Jsme VŠ a každoročně u

Jsme VŠ a každoročně u této společnosti pronajímáme taláry pro naše končící studenty. Jsme velmi spokojeni s kvalitou oblečení i servisem firmy.

Magda P., 14/10/21, Promoční čepice MATT - PRONÁJEM 7 dní

Promoční táláry, které jsme si

Promoční táláry, které jsme si pronajali do školy, byly ve vynikajícím stavu a z kvalitního materiálu. Studenti byli velmi spokojeni. Firma nás vyšla vstříc při vrácení zboží. Rádi si zase za rok taláry pronajmeme.

Nikol H., 13/05/19, Promoční talár - U1 - PRONÁJEM 7 dní


i liked it. it fitted perfectly on my head

Ioanna e., 26/07/18, Promoční čepice STANDARD - černá

Good service

Good service

serag s., 11/07/18, Promoční čepice MATT - PRONÁJEM 7 dní