Graduation Set I.

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Graduation Cap with embroidery and Gift Wrapping. All at a discounted price.

Be original! Choose your color!

Set includes:

  • Graduation Cap STANDARD
  • Gift Wrapping for Graduation Cap
  • Embroidery on the cap

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  • 2022
  • 2,5 cm

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Graduation Set I.

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Weight (g)183
ProducerNina Svitlíková


Set of graduation gifts for a discounted price!

Create from the graduation cap original graduation gift. We will embroider you on the cap name of a fresh graduate and wrap it to our gift wrapping.

  • Graduation Cap STANDARD
  • Embroidery on the cap
  • Gift wrapping for Graduation Cap

Our Graduation Caps of STANDARD series

Our graduation caps are made of a special fabric with traditional structured surface and glossy finish that gives them the right festive look.

seznam_ok.pngFestive glossy finish
seznam_ok.pngSpecial fabric with traditional structured surface
seznam_ok.pngAlso suitable for combination with Graduation Gown

Each cap consists of three traditional parts:

  • square cap,
  • colored tassel,
  • metal charm, which indicates the year in which the student completes the studies. The charm is delivered in a festive gold color.


The size is universal, one cap for both men and women. The cap is fitted with a rubber band on the back side, and therefore it fits on both the larger and smaller heads.

Even an elastic band can reach its limits, and so we included in our offer two new categories which you can also find in our eshop:

  • Children's size - it is designed for preschool children.
  • XL size - the circuit is extended by 3 cm compared to the Graduation Cap STANDARD. It is designed for those of you who know that you always choose caps among the largest sizes.

Type of caps
Surface finishRecommended for head circumferenceThe color of the cap
STANDARD CHILDREN'S SIZEglossy44 - 50 cmblack
MATT CHILDREN'S SIZEmatt44 - 50 cmblack
STANDARDglossy51 - 57 cmblack, red, blue
MATTmatt51 - 57 cmblack
STANDARD XLglossy55 - 61 cmblack

Color of the tassel:

Although in the world the color of tassels usually express the field of study, this division is bound to a given region or country. Therefore, we recommend to choose according to her dress or his favorite color eventually school colors. Red tassels can also emphasize the significance of red diploma.

Náš tip.png

Our tip!

Check out our partner site, where you can find an article (czech and slovak language only):
Střapec promoční čepice – jaký má význam a jak vybrat barvu?

Embroidery on the cap

Graduation cap is beautiful and original gift. Because we know that this gift is usually given to your close family, we have decided to offer you a way to make the gift very special. We embroider on graduation cap text of your choice! You can choose the thread color, color and width of satin ribbon and you will get customized graduation cap.

We embroider on satin ribbon, which is placed on a corner on the upper side of the graduation cap. The text is embroider with colored thread, to make it contrasting. Colored ribbon also fits very well with the colorful tassel. Usually we embroider the name of the newly acquired title, nickname or the name of the school year. However, it is possible to embroider any short text according to your wishes. We are limited only by space.

We make the embroidery on our own. The expedition time of the shipment is thus maximally extended by one day only.

Gift Wrapping for graduation cap

As it says "the tailor makes the man" it says that "wrapping makes a gift". No matter if it is true or not, it is certain that nicely wrapped gift delights everyone.

Firstly, we wrap graduation cap in a white silk paper. Subsequently, we use a simple elegant gift wrapping custom-made for graduation caps. Each of our wrapping is decorated with a shiny silver inscription "Gratulujeme" and wide semi-transparent white ribbon.

The wrapping is made of hard black cardboard 225 g/m2.



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