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SUPERSOFT COTTON towel with embroidery Maximize

SUPERSOFT COTTON towel with embroidery

Let us embroil on towel for you one of our themes or theme of your own choice

We can embroider graduate's name with a new title, nickname, year, school name or logo, and others.

Be original!

More details

  • 50 x 100 cm
  • 70 x 140 cm

435,00 Kč

Product From (qty) Discount
SUPERSOFT COTTON towel with embroidery 10 -43,00 Kč

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Supersoft towel with embroidery - 100 % MICROCOTTON

Are you looking for an original and funny graduation gift for man on wonam? We offer original towels with embroidery! According to your wishes, we will embroider one of our themes and the name of the graduate or another one according to your theme. Try our luxurious and high quality towels made of silky smooth and soft microcotton!

Features of a towel

Our towels made of 100% microcotton are made in Czech Republic. The microcotton is a material that gives the towels completely special features:

seznam_ok.png Up to 2 times more soaks up than classic cotton

Ručník s výšivkou

seznam_ok.png High absorption properties
seznam_ok.png Quickly dries
seznam_ok.png Silky smooth and soft surface

Embroidery - our theme

Embroidery always consists of 4 parts:

  • 1st line: text "WARNING:"
  • 2nd line: selected theme (option is placed next to color option)
  • 3rd line: name and title
  • 4th row: image of the graduation cap

In each section you can choose the color of the embroidery thread. Fill in name, title, and color combination of embroidery thread in the "Customer Requirements" tab which you can find above this product description.

However, if you want to leave the colors of the thread on us, leave the field in "Customer Requests" blank. We choose the colors of the embroidery thread so they would be sufficiently contrasting and fit to color of the the towel.


How do I fill in the "CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS" tab?

1. Go to the "CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS" tab. You can find it above this product description.

2. Fill in the text boxes.

3. Save the text fields by clicking the button "Save".

4. Choose the towel color, theme, and quantity, and place the product into an electronic cart.

Note: If you want to order more towels with several different customer requirements, you need to repeat points 1-4 for each towel.

Theme according to your wishesVýšivka na přání

Do you have another idea for embroidery? We will gladly embroider the theme of your choice.

The embroidery can be for example:

  • the name of the graduate with the newly acquired degree,
  • year of graduation,
  • name or logo of the school,
  • another text or theme.

We do not charge any fees for consulting and programming the embroidery.

With the wish of your own theme, please contact us via email:

The embroidery technique has its borders and especially small details can not be always realized. That's why do not hesitate to contact us well enough in advance, so we can evaluate the embroidery options.

After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart.


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